Data /Records Management

Data/Records Management

PIASI can design and create a complete data management solution tailor fit for an enterprise’s unique requirements.
The solution addresses all aspects of data management – from scanning to indexing to encoding to remote access and even data storage.

Data Imaging and Conversion
dataimaging Using high-speed scanners, PIASI can scan all your valuable paper documents and convert them into any required electronic file format, be it PDF, JPG, BMP, or TIFF for compact storage and secure access.
Data Encoding and Scrubbing
dataencoding Data encoding is a time consuming and labor intensive process that requires different skill sets. This PIASI service provides both labor and infrastructure to encode data – whether in proprietary systems or common off the shelf software.
Whenever institutions migrate to newer systems, the most common problem is cleaning up or “scrubbing” old databases of duplicate or old records. PIASI data scrubbing service can provide the manpower to pore over databases line by line and scrub it of unwanted data.
Data Indexing and File Creation
dataindexing When an enterprise purchases an off the shelf data management solution, one common hurdle is the indexing or creation of index files for archived documents. Most newer document management software only addresses the creation, indexing and archiving of current and future documents.
PIASI’s brand of indexing creates the index files for most document management solutions. An example is the creation of PDI files for FORTIS, which is a robust off the shelf solution.
Data Archiving
archiving PIASI creates a library of your documents through its design of a searchable and indexed archive of all your documents that have been converted into electronic format. The archive can reside in optical disks, database servers or even on the cloud.