IT Hardware Solutions

I.T Hardware Solutions

PIASI’s hardware team are technology experts. We provide hardware solutions tailor fit for an enterprise unique requirements.

The hardware solutions address all aspects of hardware-related management which are engineered and pioneered with the latest available technology and platforms.

PIASI supports different clients from varying aspects of society which includes: government, travel and hospitality, technology, financial services, food, human capital management, and legal process outsourcing.

Fiber Optics
fiberoptics Fiber optics are delicate, flexible and transparent fibers which permit transmission of information from relatively long distances. These fibers are fast enough to transmit information in no time; thus allowing easy communication between workstations. PIASI cater this high-end technology that can maximize client’s information exchange. This service includes:
  • Fusion splicing
  •  Installation
servers PIASI provides robust and dedicated servers which can accommodate storage demand of clients. From setting up of servers to realization of management of resources, PIASI can provide these server solutions.
  • Build up Data Centers
  •  Consolidation and Virtualization
  •  Storage networking
  • Installation, Configuration and Support for Windows and Linux
networking PIASI prides its intelligent network scheme that allows outstanding connection among workstations. Reliable, responsive, and superior performance are what best describe PIASI’s networking solution. Unlock possibilities. Stay connected. Revolutionize your business’ networking experience.

  • Conceptualization, Planning and Implementation
  • Structured Cabling
  • Virtual Private Network
  •  IP Radio installation
  •  CISCO Support
  •  Bandwidth management
  • Switches, routers and ports configuration
securityt With the new technology we have today, the need for security for vital information is rising. Thus, to be able to meet this demand, PIASI offers a sophisticated mechanism that ensures tight security for unauthorized access to information and other hidden motives than can harm significant files and documents. In addition, PIASI also implements high-end equipment that can secure properties.
  • Security appliance installation (Cyberoam)
  • Virus protection (Sophos)
  • End-to-end CCTV installation and configuration
Web Hosting
  • Domain management
Contact Centers
contactcenters PIASI supports these centralized centers in receiving and transmitting large volumes of data with the following solutions:
  • IP telephony
  •  Noble systems configuration and support
  •  Avaya installation and support
  • PBX installation
  • Implementation and Deployment of IVRs