Visa Outsource Services

Visa Outsource Services

PIASI is the pioneer visa outsource service provider in the Philippines with its expertise in providing administrative support functions to foreign missions in the country in relation to the submission of visa applications and travel documents.

PIASI visa outsource service also includes the distribution of visa related information, transmission of received visa applications, delivery of decision, and visa fees management among others.

Today, PIASI is the visa outsource service partner of choice of some of the largest foreign embassy operations in the Philippines. PIASI continues to transform the way many organizations do business by providing them with a boutique of solutions tailored to their specific needs.

For more information, visit VISA Information and Application (VIA) Website.


Visa Information & Application Centres

Despite the fast pace by which communication technology is taking over the world, PIASI strives to ensure that personalized customer interaction does not become a forgotten art.

Through its Visa Application Centres, PIASI is able to provide its clients a direct face-to-face visa service that is professional and convenient for the embassy’s clients.

Through its VIA Centres, visa applicants can conveniently walk-in to obtain accurate visa-related information or submit their completed visa applications.

At PIASI’s VIA Centres, visa applicants are assisted by personnel trained to improve their customer’s experience.

Customer Contact Services

PIASI’s phone-in facility pioneered the call centre service for embassies in the Philippines.

Thru PIASI’s call Centre, visa applicants are provided domestic and international access to visa related information, including the submission of completed visa applications through an appointment scheduling or managed courier system.

Through the years, PIASI’s Call Centre service has proven to be one of the most convenient and efficient system designed to facilitate the process of visa applications from receipt, to delivery of the embassy’s decision to the applicant.

Document Management
documentmanagement PIASI’s backroom task that involves logistical processes related to the handling, sorting, and screening for completeness of all visa applications received.

This service is performed by PIASI professionals carefully trained in the handling of important and sensitive documents required to support visa applications.

Tracking and Security Systems are likewise in place to ensure the high level of quality, protection and confidentiality in the performance of this task.

Biometrics Integration
biometrics As required, PIASI has the capability to design applications that can integrate and adapt to its client’s basic biometric system requirements ranging from biometric capture, enrollment, identification, verification, and/or authentication.
Logistics and Courier Services
courier PIASI is partner to the two largest logistical service providers in the Philippines. This strong partnership enables PIASI’s courier service to ensure the efficient, prompt, and secure nationwide door-to-door pickup and delivery service required to complete the visa application process.

This service not only provides convenience to the applicant but also guarantees the safe and traceable transmission of their documents to and from the embassy.

Fees Management

This service refers to PIASI’s capability to perform cashiering functions in behalf of its embassy clients.

This includes receiving and receipting visa fees all the way to remitting the same to the embassy’s nominated bank account.

Related reports are likewise in place to ensure traceability and accountability related to fees collection and banking.

Email Management & SMS Service

Aware of the time consuming task of managing emails received everyday, PIASI is capable to perform this business communication function of promptly and accurately answering email queries related to general visa information in behalf of it’s embassy clients.

PIASI email management service includes email recording, classifying, replying, and reporting.

General or case-specific information, acknowledgement of receipt or other visa related information may also be disseminated through PIASI’s SMS broadcast facility.

Staffing Services
staffing services

PIASI is composed of a pool of professionally trained staff who are experienced in the field of customer service and visa procedures.

Should the need arise, PIASI is able to confidently deploy its professionals to directly assist its embassy clients in their administrative functions related to visa processing.